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booty, cosplay, fetish, hardcore, skirt, thong
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Cam girl/panty seller/booty shaker.Have been an
internet goddess for almost 3 years now. I love
what I do.

For custom videos, cam shows, or panties, email me

I'm a custom video master!

I'm a culinary student. When I'm not being sexy on
the web I like to listen to music, watch movies,
and hang out with
friends. A few of my hobbies are cooking, playing
bass guitar, and hiking. I'm very laid back, down
to earth, and friendly.

Wanna spoil me?
You can find my wishlist here:

I always spoil back.

I very much appreciate donations for new
dancewear. I need some new threads to shake my ass
in for you guys.

Be sure to thank my girl Greeneyed for introducing
me to this site. She's my favorite tattooed whooty
in the whole wide world.

Follow me here:

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